Viscofresh Memory Foam Snoring Pillow Reviews

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Viscofresh memory foam anti snoring pillow

Adequate sleep is good for the body and mind. It allows the body to replenish lost energy making you energetic as soon as you wake up. If you do not get good sleep it will affect your performance the following day. Snoring is a major sleep disturbance, which is why Sleep Joy, a leading pillow manufacturer, has developed an Viscofresh memory foam anti snoring pillow that ensures uninterrupted sleep.

The pillow helps sleepers who suffer from neck pains due to their sleeping positions. Side sleepers are most susceptible to neck pains. The anti snoring pillow also reduces or eliminates snoring which occurs with some people who sleep on their backs.

If you go through this article, you will understand what anti snoring pillows are, how they work, and their benefits. We also give the features, and pros and cons of the Viscofresh memory snoring foam pillows. The review was done by experts who have tested the anti snoring pillow on numerous individuals with different sleeping positions.

Do Anti Snoring Pillows Really Work?

To understand the efficiency of anti snoring pillows, we begin to look at how they work. Anti snoring pillows are designed to reduce and stop individuals from snoring while sleeping. They are not a `cure’ for snoring. They will only work if you choose the correct anti snoring pillow and use it as prescribed.

Snoring mostly occurs when sleeping on your back since this position allows tissues in the throat to vibrate when air is being passed through them. Also, a blocked mouth cavity, heavy alcohol intake, smoking, and overfeeding can cause snoring. An anti snoring pillow will work on most people suffering from the effects above, but they will have limited efficiency on people who snore due to blocked nasal passages.

Anti snoring pillows work differently on different people. You need to understand your sleeping pattern, pillow density, your age, and the size of your neck/head to get the best anti snoring pillow. If you have a long and thick neck, you need a pillow with a longer and wider neck-bolster to fully accommodate your neck. A larger head will need a thicker memory foam pillow just like the Viscofresh memory foam snoring pillows.

If snoring occurs due to a blocked mouth passage, you need an anti snoring pillow that elevates your jaw to prevent tissues in the throat from blocking air flow. Kids and teens need anti snoring pillows with a shorter memory foam height, since they have narrower shoulders.

Viscofresh Memory Foam Snoring Pillows

Features and Specifications

Sleep Joy, a leading manufacturer of comfort pillows in the country came up with the initiative of developing pillows which reduce or eliminate snoring in totality. The pillows are large; they measure 16 by 22 by 6 inches. They are made of 100% polyester that makes the surface soft and pleasant to lay your head.

Viscofresh memory foam snoring pillows have a unique design that allows proper air flow. Dozens of perforated holes on each side allow air to circulate freely. Their ventilation is 12 times better than that of normal pillows.

They have been successful in the market, especially for back and side sleepers. The 6-inch height memory foam enables you to sleep better eliminating sore muscles and a stiff neck often caused by normal pillows. It also conforms to the weight of your head and neck ensuring you sleep more comfortable for longer.

It has a pinch of green tea that reduces odor caused by polyester and individuals who sweat a lot. The green tea enables you to sleep comfortably even with other light odors in the room. The synthetic outer layer and dense memory foam ensure the anti snoring pillow is of the same quality even after several months of continuous use.

The pillow also comes with a neck bolster and cradle. They provide proper support to your head and neck. This reduces neck pains and allows you to breathe better when sleeping. It has also been effective when countering snoring.

Benefits of Using Viscofresh Memory Foam Snoring Pillows

Viscofresh memory foam snoring pillows have numerous benefits to individuals. They are stocked in different sizes and colors which allows you to choose the anti snoring pillow that will serve you efficiently.

Reduces snoring

Snoring is not only unpleasant to you, but also to people around you. It can make your partner/friend lack sleep and affect their concentration the next day. Viscofresh has the solution for snoring caused by throat and tongue blockage, overfeeding, alcohol intake and smoking.

Viscofresh memory foam snoring pillows encourage people who snore to sleep on their side. The neck cradle allows you to elevate your jaw which in turn prevents the throat and tongue from blocking the free flow of air. The neck bolster also widens the distance the head can move when lying in the pillow. This ensures the nose, throat, and mouth are not put under heavy pressure which can result to snoring.

Controls air temperature and prevents unpleasant odor

The Nano-Tex Coolest Comfort Cover has been used to regulate the body’s temperature to optimal conditions regardless of the environments condition. Multiple air holes located on each side of the memory foam control the temperature by allowing free air circulation. The warm air emitted from your head and neck is carried away and replaced by cool air from the atmosphere. This allows you to sleep better for long hours since there is no discomfort caused by warm temperature.

The anti snoring pillow also soaks in sweat from the body. If the sweat is allowed to drain on the surface of the pillow, it can cool the surroundings to low temperatures which might result in you catching a cold.

Viscofresh memory foam pillow is one of the few pillows using green tea extracts. Green tea has a pleasant smell that enables you to sleep soundly. It also absorbs sweat and moisture from your body and releases them into the atmosphere through evaporation. This prevents incidences of nasty odors occurring due to salts accumulating on the pillows surface.

Eliminates neck stiffness and muscle sores

People who sleep on their sides are the ones mostly affected by neck pains. They occur as a result of improper head alignment when sleeping. If the neck bends for a long period, you will wake up with neck pains. Similarly, if you apply much pressure on your spine, neck or head, you will wake up with muscle sores.

Viscofresh anti snoring pillows have an ergonomic contour design. They are designed to allow the neck to stay in a neutral alignment when sleeping. This prevents the neck from bending hence avoiding neck pains.

They anti snoring pillow also reduces numbness associated with not turning yourself when sleeping. The thick memory foam reduces the pressure applied on the body hence blood flows normally. This in turn allows you to sleep more comfortably for a long period.

Viscofresh pillow is Long lasting and easy to use

The Viscofresh anti snoring pillow has taken over the market due to its relative ease of use. It has a thick memory foam which adjusts according to the pressure and weight exerted on it. This ensures the person sleeping is comfortable and does not have to shift the anti snoring pillow numerous times through the night.

The Viscofresh pillow package comes with a washable celliant sleep cover, neck cradle and a thick memory foam pillow. All the items are hypoallergenic, hence can be used by any person. The pillow cover, which is easily removable, can also be used to prevent the entry of dust.

After use, the pillow goes back to its original shape. This ensures it serves the 2-year warranty period with no incidences and continues serving you for numerous years thereafter.


  • The anti snoring pillow has a therapeutic effect on all types of sleepers. It can be used by back, side and stomach sleepers.
  • Very comfortable. The pillow is filled with memory foam that is soft, sweet-smelling, and pleasant to lie on.
  • Alleviates neck and shoulder pain. The curved neck bolster allows your head to lie in a comfortable position for long periods. The dense memory foam also ensures your neck does not bend to an uncomfortable position.


  • The traditional new memory foam smell might be a deterrent to some. It lasts for a few days when the pillow is new and only fades away when the pillow is used frequently.
  • With time, the green tea scent overpowers all other scents. To some individuals, it might have a similar smell to mint, which is unpleasant.

The Verdict on Viscofresh memory foam anti snoring pillow

It can be challenging searching for the right anti snoring pillow. Sleep Joy has solved this problem by manufacturing the Viscofresh memory foam snoring pillow. Memory foam snoring pillows are judged by their level of comfort, design, pain relief and lifespan.

Viscofresh is highly recommended due to its design. The ergonomic contour design makes it successful in alleviating neck and back pain. The self-adjusting dense memory foam is comfortable enough and it reduces the pressure exerted on your veins when sleeping. Also, the ventilation ensures you sleep in a cool environment. The only letdown was the strong smell of green tea which was not pleasant to some.

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