The Best Bed for Snoring: Sleep Number Bed Review

Sleep number bed to prevent snoringA happy family prays together, sleeps together and wakes up together. Waking up together is however a myth in most families due to snoring partners. When partners sleep well together, they wake up rejuvenated and form a successful family. It is the secret for long lasting relationship. And since we spend a third of our time sleeping, the secret works most of the time.

Sharing a bed is one of the hardest things ever if the bed is not comfortable and inviting. If the bed does not encourage sleeping together then one of the spouses finds an excuse to not sleep at the same time. At those time the partner decides to use the blue light emitting devices like television sets, video games, laptops or phones. Others engage in reading books or magazines.

Even if a person does not like the bed firmness or pillow type, snoring and OSA really affect the quality of sleep experienced. In most partner researches, sleeping with a snorer has been noted as one of the major reasons for partners sleeping in different beds. In other cases especially in conservative Christian societies the partners persevere together where the snorer contributes to making the partner an insomniac.

The solution for these marital problems is solving the snoring, comfort and firmness with the revolutionary sleep number beds. The beds offer all the above ensuring each partner sleeps without the other partners problems affecting them. The snorer stops snoring and the subsequent insomnia stops. The comfort removes any excuses from partners for not going to bed together.

One of the biggest wins for the bed is the snore technology in the sleep number beds. This technology enables by the use of a button for partners to raise or lower the head of the partner to solve snoring problems. This way and in addition to the new and revolutionary adjustable base gives the bed a comfort touch for couples and all other people. The bed has the following characteristics which makes it comfortable and prevent snoring:

  • The Mattress firmness

The mattress offers a dualAir technology to enable one to adjust firmness on one side of the bed thus giving two distinct levels of firmness for couples comfort. The comfort which is a main source of disagreement in families. This is because some partners like firmer mattresses while others less firm mattresses. The optimal comfort is assured by being able to adjust one side of the mattress while retaining a different firmness on the other side. This makes you and your partner sleep well and eliminates either partner having to toss and turn as you sleep.

  • Snoring

Snoring is very common among families these days. Snoring and weight are the major interdependent variables. With the increase of population members who are overweight, snoring is a major impediment to the comfort of the families as they sleep. For partners who snore like an old truck, sleeping with them becomes a major challenge especially if you are a light sleeper. Sleep number takes care of the issues associated with snoring by offering an exclusive partner snore technology. The technology comprises flexfit 2 and flexfit 3 adjustable bases which gives the bed adjusting the head of the partner by using a button. This raising and lowering of the head helps to open the airways thus preventing the production of snoring sounds.

  • Body position

Sleep number bed allows for adjustment of the body position on both sides of the bed. One can sit and read while other partner sleeps on the bed with little effects on each other. This gives the couple a smooth sleeping time with little inconveniences to the partner.

  • Temperature

It is recommended that we should sleep on a warm bed at night for good night sleep in a cool room. However, this warmth preference is different for most people. Some people prefer warmer beds and others cooler beds. This makes a couple sleeping in the same bed very uncomfortable. However, sleep number bed gives a solution to this using the Dualtemp layer. The layer enables one to warm one side of the bed with the other side remaining cool. This gives the couple the ideal sleeping warmth for deep sleep. Also the beddings are designed in an innovative way to enable it to absorb excess heat and give you the most ideal sleeping temperatures all through the night.

  • SleepIQ technology

Most of the times with changes in the temperatures, body positioning or head position in addition to habits and routine affect the way we sleep. To have these indicators monitored by a bed and tracked every night gives you a good way to ensure good night sleep every day. Sleep number beds apply the sleepIQ technology to help you determine the factors affecting sleep in your daily routine. This way one can change these factors to optimize the lifestyle for a good sleep every night.

How does the sleep number bed prevent snoring?

Most people often ask themselves, does adjusting of the bed prevent snoring? Yes, the adjustability helps prevent snoring. The adjustability technology is applied even in smart pillows like Nitetronic to ensure smooth breathing. Snoring definition states that snoring is caused by blockage of breathing pathways thus causing vibrations of the tissues surrounding the breathing cavity. Raising the head or lowering it works miracles to prevent snoring. How good is it when this can be accomplished by the touch of a button?

Most at times when our partner is snoring we either wake them up, give them a bigger pillow or turn them to sleep on the next side. Nitetronic on survey offered relief for 100 percent of the snorers and since the sleep number bed applies the same concept the results should be similar. The only blot in the bed is that either you or your partner should wake up and press the button to adjust the head position.

The bed however combines firmness, body positioning and temperature regulation to give you a comfortable sleep. Even if one has to wake up to adjust the bed to prevent snoring, the benefit are too much when considered wholesomely. The sleep number bed works in treating back pains in over 90 percent of users and has also been clinically proven to improve sleep quality in approximately 90 percent of the users.

Other than snoring what other sleeping associated disorders are treated by sleep number beds?

Back pains relief

As discussed above the sleep number beds help in prevention of back pains. This is because the bed is so comfortable and can be adjusted to fit your preferences without affecting your partner’s preferences. The back pain prevention occurring in almost all the tested subjects is a major selling point for the bed. Most of the times, since our bodies are created differently, we get challenges when the bed shared does not meet either partners preferences. Therefore being able to adjust temperature, firmness, body positioning and head position is instrumental in making this bed the ultimate source of comfort. It assures you that the 8 hours spent sleeping will be worthwhile.

Reduction of nocturnal movement associated with being uncomfortable in bed

If you have never shared a 3 feet by 6 feet bed with 2 friends, then you have never experiences how life can be uncomfortable. At night you experience the highest level of discomfort. You try moving and you can’t and if you have to move then you have to move as a group. This is experienced by our spouses when we are tossing and turning in bed or producing loud snoring sounds. Nocturnal movements normally lead to sleep waking up cycles in light sleepers. The sleep number beds ensure the comfort of both partners by offering a chance for customization of body positioning, head positioning, temperature and firmness.

The sleep number beds offer a comfortable, restful and restorative sleep.

Due to the factors discussed above about body positioning, temperature, firmness and head positioning associated with sleep number beds, the individual using the bed is able to get the health benefit of consistent good quality sleep. A good night sleep every night has several health benefits including helping one to reduce weight, prevention of physical and psychological disorders, heightened metabolism, helping performance in school and at work and others. The best of them all is that it makes you look younger.

Relationship health is improved

A good sleep of both partners has been cited as one of the major causes of happiness in the family. Insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea always makes the relationship uncomfortable to stay in and should be avoided at all costs. Sleep number beds makes sleeping more sweet for both partners thus making the relationship happier and increasing intimacy.

Why not live a better life? Why not sleep well with your partner? The best way to get that is by getting a sleep number bed which gives you a sleeping paradise!

In addition to sleep number beds, in the market today sleep number pillows are also available for sleeping luxuriously.

Most at time most people are different, this makes a solution which works a hundred percent for snoring the best solution for you. However, for other preferences other anti-snoring devices can be added to the sleep number beds for better experience.

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