PureSleep Mouthpiece Reviews (The mouthpiece every snorer should try)

Puresleep mouthpiece reviewPuresleep mouthpiece has been the topic of advertisement on ABC. The question we all ask ourselves is, “Is puresleep mouthpiece claimed to be the best seller of all the snoring aids worth your try? Is it better or comparable to other devices to prevent snoring available?”

PureSleep mouthpiece is a mandibular advancement device. These devices prevents the user from snoring by holding the lower jaw and tongue forward thus leading to easier breathing by increasing the breathing space in the mouth and nose. For people whose main cause of snoring is the resting of the base of the tongue on the breathing cavity this is the most effective sleeping aid. The devices come in several types and brands and therefore care selection of the appropriate device is really important. One disadvantage with MADs is that they lead to mouth dryness or drooling.

Here are the facts as experienced by the author and other users.

Facts for PureSleep Mouthpiece

  • It is easily customizable using the boil-and-bite technology for fitting in your mouth and the upper plus lower jaw pieces which are linked together in three settings as determined by your bite.
  • A huge percentage of the users experience no snoring when using it.
  • The whole procedure of linking and boiling then biting takes a few minutes to accomplish.
  • Puresleep mouthpiece is manufactured in the USA from plastics that are quality approved.
  • Puresleep is authorized for use by the FDA.
  • Made in collaboration with dental, and ENT doctors.
  • They are long lasting. They last for more than 6 months for people who don’t grind their teeth
  • For people who breathe though the mouth, Pure Sleep Mouthpiece has hole to ensure smooth breathing.
  • You will receive two mouthpieces for the price of one once you pay shipping charges. The remainder will be paid after trial period if it works for you.
  • Used for over 15 years clinically for treatment of snoring.
  • Leaves the user more refreshed in the morning.

Facts against Puresleep mouth piece

  • It is rigid after fitting in your jaw. Therefore if you don’t make the right settings then the device will hurt you or will not be usable.
  • People with dentures or loose teeth cannot use it.
  • When in use some people experience pain in the jaw and dribble from the mouth.
  • It takes longer to ship as compared to other brands.
  • It is more difficult to clean as compared to some other brands.

Why should you use Puresleep mouthpiece

In addition to the advantages listed above, the reasons below can help you choose puresleep mouthpiece over the other mandibular advancement devices to prevent snoring:

  • The mouthpiece buying process will start with filling of a 21 questions list to determine if the product fits you. This ensures that you get the right product for your snoring.
  • The mouthpiece is made from clear BPA and non-latex clear plastic which can rarely be noticed while wearing it.
  • For clients with partial dentures this is the mandibular advancement device for you.
  • The product was invented by a snorer who is also a dentist, Dr. Douglas Fenton. Having already tried other devices, he made a product which every snorer would want to use.
  • Complains with The better Business Bureau made to the company, in the past were addressed immediately. This means that the company values feedback.


Puresleep mouthpiece is a great device to prevent snoring because of the advantages explained above. With proper fitting the mouthpiece will give you a comfortable night and a night your partner will appreciate. It will require more attention during cleaning but so does all the good mandibular advancement devices. It is a highly recommended product.

Why PureSleep Mouthpiece is different from most mandibular advancement devices

puresleep mouthpiece reviewPuresleep mouthpiece arrives in two pieces, the lower and upper piece. The pieces are linked using one of the three settings indicated. These settings are used to manage the lower jaw orientation. Most mads limit the position of the lower jaw forward relative to the upper jaw. The linking of these pieces leave some space that require special attention during cleaning. This is because if not the joined edges will harbor germs.

Puresleep mouthpiece, a product manufactured in the USA, is FDA cleared. It is made of quality plastics BPA and Latex-free.

The device uses technology of boiling to soften the material then molding it to fit the jaw. The technology enables the device to be fit well to the jaw for good night sleep. However since there can be no adjustment, not fitting it well the first time will lead to the product not being used.

Also on ordering the client is requested to answer a questionnaire containing 21 questions to ascertain if the product is good for you. This might be a lot of work to do when you need a solution for your snoring. However, it is the best way to get knowledge of whether the product will fit you other that trying and returning.

The Price

The price of $59.90 is very cost effective with the patented technology and the fact that you get two devices. The good thing is that they offer a trial period before paying for it. In the trial period which lasts for 30 days you will pay for the shipping charges. Thereafter, if the product works for you the remainder of the price will be levied on your payment method.


Puresleep mouthpiece is a good buy for all snorers. Buy it for the above stated advantages and in any case you get free 30 days trial where if it does not work you can return it to the company.

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