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Best Insomnia Cure Methods for Good Quality Sleep (Acute and Chronic)

Insomnia especially chronic insomnia is life threatening. Do you know that you can last for three times longer without food than without sleep? Humans can only last up to 11 days alive without sleep. This is because most of our body parts and organs require rest and without it most will start dying slowly by slowly. The human brain and body after 36, 48, and 72 hours devoid of sleep will start living in a different states that makes living risky. The causes of insomnia in women and men are almost similar except that women can experience insomnia due to menopause and menstruation.

Chronic insomnia cure is an excellent way of improving the quality of life. Getting consistent enough high quality sleep gives you the following benefits:

  • Improves your memory
  • Improves immunity
  • Helps you to lose weight through reduction of carbs cravings
  • Lowers internal inflammation chances
  • Improves your mood continually
  • Improves learning and problem solving
  • Ensures a longer life

Insomnia, as one of the common sleeping disorders, is not easily treated but its cure can be attempted by a number of methods some of which are lifestyle changes while others are supplements. The most effective treatment methods are:

  1. Taking supplements for chronic insomnia cure

Several supplements are available for chronic insomnia cure. Supplements containing Magnesium, melatonin, hydroxytryptopan, L-ornithine or valerian root are good for chronic and acute insomnia treatment although most are not recommended for long-term use. The ingredients above constitute most herbal remedies. As for Magnesium supplements, taking 400-500mg of magnesium daily before bed help in stress management and thus resulting in good quality sleep.

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Natural sleep aid

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Natural Sleep aid

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Dreamrite natural sleep aid

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Dreamrite sleep aid

Natural sleep aid containing Chamomile, magnesium, Valerian, melatonin and other herbs for better deep sleep

Very effective for all types of insomnia but also relieves anxiety and helps in relaxation

Ensures that the consumer wakes up refreshed because of the combination of ingredients in the sleep aid

It is also non-habit forming.



Luna natural sleep aid

Luna Sleep Aid Reviews for Insomnia

Luna sleep aid

Contains ingredients that reduces worry and gives the user a deep sleep.

Relaxes both the mind and body muscles for deeper sleep

Works well on allergy induced insomnia giving the user restful sleep

The ingredients are not made from genetically modified organisms

Have a natural sleep aid for children too

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 Natrogix Sleep Aid

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Natrogix sleep Aid

✓Contains an amino acid precursor for serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that promotes happy moods, relaxation, higher energy and positivity.

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✓ Helps in anxiety and stress reduction and also helps in controlling apetite

Other good supplements include:

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2. Use of essential oils for chronic insomnia cure

Using essential oils like Chamomile and Lavender in addition to epsom salts can go a long way in chronic and acute insomnia cure. Chamomile is an edible oil that can be taken with tea, tincture, inhaled as vapor and it helps in relaxation in addition to fighting stress. This herbal remedy for insomnia is also used in aromatherapy to help fight depression and anxiety which are also some of the causes of insomnia. Lavender oil can be rubbed off on the body muscles including the neck or used in bath water or poured on sleeping materials to help you to relax. For better results while used to bath, epsom salts can be added. Epsom salts contain magnesium which is a natural cure for chronic insomnia. Some of the brands available in the market include:

Good Night Synergy Essential oils

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The sweet aroma of essential oils blend sooths the user to sleep

This herbal remedy for insomnia is available in several sizes of high quality therapeutic grade quality

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Sleep Tight synergy essential oils

Sleep tightContains lavender oils and chamomile oils in addition to other essential oils for soothing good sleep.

This herbal remedy for insomnia relaxes both the body and mind.

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Aromatherapy Good Night Sleep Calming Blend Essential Oils

Sleep essential

Made from natural essential oils that offers relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety.

This herbal remedy for insonia contains no synthetic products and is made from high grade oils from all over the world.

Helps in managing depression too


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Woolzies good night blend of pure essential oils

Naturenics Lavender Essential oil

3. Change of diet for chronic insomnia cure

balanced diet.jpgThis is one of the methods of treating insomnia naturally without medication. Too much stimulants, carbohydrates and sugars just before sleeping makes sleep hard to come by. Reduction of the two just before going to bed will give you a better rest and thus ensuring chronic insomnia cure. This is because your body while digesting the two produces heat which makes it hard to sleep.

Increase in milk products and foods containing healthy fats, B vitamins, magnesium and potassium in the meals before sleeping will also facilitate sleeping. These foods include avocados, bananas, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, Asparagus, sweet potatoes, citrus, squash, kiwi fruits, tomatoes, pawpaw and cantaloupe.

4. Stress reduction for chronic insomnia cure

Anxiety insomnia or stress insomnia can naturally be managed. The two types in addition to the diet insomnia are the major acute and chronic insomnia cases. Use of devices that emit blue light like smart phones, computers, TVs or video games up to bedtime may cause sleeplessness. The blue light excites the pineal gland hence altering the circadian rhythm. To remedy this one should stop using these devices 30 or more minutes before going to bed and try a more soothing routine.

Also to increase the chances of good sleep one should endeavor to produce hormones called endorphins during the cause of the day. This can be easily done by exercises and ensuring that you are happy during the day.

5.      Making lifestyle changes for chronic insomnia cure

Lifestyle change is another way to treat insomnia naturally without medication. High bedroom temperatures affect sleep thus having room temperature of less than 70 °F is more suitable for sleeping. Also ensuring that your bed is comfortable will greatly facilitate your sleep in addition to keeping your sleeping routine, minimizing naps and staying active during the day. Ensuring that the environment that we sleep in is comfortable in addition to the other methods above facilitate the chronic insomnia cure.