How Insomnia Negatively Affects My Life (Life of an Insomniac)

Sleep deprivation causes sleepiness during the day and other complications

Yesterday, I had a very important meeting. We were evaluating our organization institutional capacity. This assessment is the exercise I always look forward to every year because it forms the basis of improvements and radical changes that our organization needs to take to perform better. However, as one of the chief assessors I could not do much because I was so sleepy. No sleep the previous night due to being an insomniac (having insomnia) also made me to feel exhausted at 9 in the morning and also I had a throbbing headache throughout the day.

Insomnia and frequent episodes of no sleep occurs in over 30 percent of Americans. It is common in people whose family have a history of insomnia and people who have depression. It is also more common as people age. In most cases sleep deprivation and other sleep disorders like sleep apnea increase the chances of becoming obese or overweight.

The exhaustion

To resolve the exhaustion, headache and being sleepy, I tried using caffeinated drinks that could not reduce my sleepiness. I took several cups of insomnia coffee in the morning but even with that the sleepiness, headache and fatigue persisted. The company doctor looked at my struggles and asked me if I had enough sleep the previous night and I said no.

In most cases the exciting parts of my day to day career always lead to being sleepless/ insomnia the previous night. I always have the issues to be discussed running through my brain throughout the night. In the day before yesterday night I had issues about what strengths and weaknesses our company possesses. I had seen the assessment tools and the areas of assessment were ringing in my brain and thus I could not sleep.

After tossing and turning in my bed for hours I had to apply the advice I offer to people through insomnia cure. I got a note pad and scribbled down all the ideas as they flowed into my brain. I also had lunar sleep aid that I always use to cure episodes of no sleep and chronic insomnia. Combining the two was the best solution I could get for the insomnia. Sleep was taking hold of me slowly by slowly.

But still I could get no sleep

My baby does snore thus denying him the chance to sleep wellHowever, all this did not amount to sleep because my 1 year old son was snoring in his crib. According to studies, snoring in kids is a sign of other disorders. I could not imagine my son being diagnosed with sleep apnea or any other sleeping disorders. The tension and stress related to those thoughts may be a cause of sleep deprivation for people without insomnia. For insomniacs it aggravates the problem.

The meeting ended at 4 pm to my relief. I could go home and get some sleep. After all the assessment had already been completed and I had participated fully even though I could not offer a hundred percent to the benefit of the organization.

Effects of sleep deprivation/ insomnia

Sleep deprivation in insomnia is one of the causes of several disorders. These disorders and effects caused by chronic insomnia include:

  • Heart problems/ cardiovascular disorders.

Lack of sleep can lead to blood pressure problems. Sleep deprivation which occurs frequently can cause high blood pressure and other heart disorders.

  • Central nervous system disorders.

Sleep deprivation can cause brain problems. The most common conditions include stroke, mood changes and other nervous disorders.

  • Immunity problems.

Frequent episodes of no sleep result to immunity problems. This means that the body cannot defend itself from the common pathogens. These pathogens includes viruses like common colds viruses.

  • Risks of accidents.

Like in my case above, sleep deprivation can commonly lead to the feeling of exhaustion and sleepiness during the day. This exhaustion is one of the causes of accidents in people with chronic insomnia.

  • Weight problems.

As discussed above sleep deprivation is one of the cause of increase in weight in some individuals. The chemicals that regulate the feeling of being full are not produced proportionately by the brain due to lack of sleep. This causes one to eat even in moments where they have had enough food.

  • Changes in sex drive

Having frequent moments of no sleep affects the testosterone production in men. This causes in reduction of libido in men.

Insomnia is a public concern for the 30% of Americans who have it and the other millions around the world who suffer the same problem too. The sleep disorder is however treatable or manageable by using the several lifestyle changes, supplements and essential oils. In addition to these insomnia music can help you get a good night sleep.

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