Insomnia cure App: The best 10 apps for a deep quality sleep

Insomnia cure app is a must download among the apps in your phone. This app will give you a good night sleep

Have you ever tossed and turned in bed with no idea where sleep will come from? Then we have another solution for you: insomnia cure app. There are several insomnia cure apps in Google play store and Apple app store for android and iphones respectively. Most of these apps are free or very affordable. We will review some of the apps starting with the best based on effectiveness, customer reviews, and quality to help you keep insomnia at bay.

Quality sleep for the required amount of time at the right time is important to most people for healthy living. Getting this quality sleep is hard for 10 percent of U.S. citizens who have chronic insomnia. A further 25 percent of the population suffers from acute insomnia according to U.S. CDC.

For other insomnia cure and causes please check acute and chronic insomnia cure. The best insomnia cure apps include:

Sleep Cycle Insomnia Cure App

Sleep Cycle.pngThis app is free to download and has a 5 star rating on both app stores. When installed on your phone helps to gather data when the phone is placed under your pillow.  The sleep cycle after gathering the data processes it and it rouses you up when you are most fresh. You can also use the app to analyze your sleeping patterns using the analytical graphs that are easy to interpret and can detect snoring on the current versions.


Sleep Genius Insomnia Cure App

Sleep genius.pngSleep Genius is a scientifically designed app that creates sound offer guidance to the human brain for deeper and quality long sleep. The app utilizes neurosensory algorithms to guide sleeping before during and after waking you up feeling more refreshed. It has researched 4 sleep programs which offer complete relaxation.



Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Deep Sleep with Andrew JohnsonThis app comes in a 5 star rating from the two app stores. The app helps you to relax and unwind by offering by offering detailed directions for relaxation in addition to stress and anxiety alleviation. Under the guidance of Andres Johnson’s CDs the product offers the guidance at a minimal price of $2.99.



White Noise Insomnia Cure App

White noise.jpgThis 5 star rated app is a fabulous app to cure insomnia by masking all noise interruptions while asleep for a deep sleep. Masking of these noises is necessary because even when asleep the human brain listens to all kinds of sound which interrupt your sleep. The app gives you options of personalizing it by making mixes of favorite sounds with others. The app also calms down babies and reduces stress.

The product can be used in migraine and tinnitus management.

Sleep Well Insomnia Cure app

Sleep wellThe 4 star free app is manufactured using Glenn Harrold’s experience of 20 years on hypnotherapy (Use of compatible, complementary and alternative therapy where our brains are used to treat health issues in addition to braking addictions). The app uses recordings and researched comforting colors to provide relief from insomnia, anxiety, and stress.



Calm Insomnia Cure App

calm.jpgThis is an app that does very well in managing stress and anxiety, helping in relationships and in insomnia cure. Calm insomnia cure offers meditation, sleep stories, soothing music and breathing exercises all rolled up in one app. The app is easy to use and very effective for adults and children.




Pzizz Insomnia Cure App

Pzizz.jpgPzizz is a sound producing app that soothes you to sleep therefore alleviating insomnia. This app is so effective that it has a 5 star rating on Apple App store. The sound helps you to unwind and minimize anxiety. The elder versions had problems with a fast battery emptying which is now solved in the current version.

App is simple and very effective to use


Sleep Well Hypnosis Insomnia Cure App

Sleep well hypnosisThis 5 star rated app prevents anxiety by the use of hypnosis recording from a qualified and certified hypnotherapist. The app helps you to have a restful night by relaxing the body and mind. It also has soothing background music to help you sleep. This app is so effective to prevent insomnia.

Has a sleep booster to instigate the brainwaves for a quality deep sleep.

Digipill Insomnia Cure App

DigipillThis is a nice app to manage stress, insomnia and get motivated to stay positive. It utilizes psychoacoustics and NLP in mood change and habit modification by acting on the subconscious part of your brain. The digital pills provided by the app help in different conditions which come without any side effects.

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