Anti-snore pillows can help a person to manage snoring thus saving my marriage

Snoring and severe to mild sleep apnea affects the quality of life

“I can’t do this anymore!” these were the words of Mrs Jones when her marriage to Mr Kelvin was going south five years ago before discovering anti-snore pillows. The reason for that exclamation was because Mr Kelvin used to sleeping and snoring like an old truck. The marriage was on the rocks because the husband of 25 years had slowly by slowly started snoring with increase in sound as the years progress. Sleeping with a snorer is not a mean task.

Snoring is a major factor in insomnia in the partners who sometimes can’t stand the noise produced by the vibration of the breathing structures. Some partners even lie in bed waiting for the snoring sound to start. It affects over 90 Million Americans but is more prevalent in males than in females.

snoring sounds

“My husband was a soft snoring man when we started our journey as a man and wife and it really never bothered me at the time, she continued. But as the years have progressed the sleeping and snoring started becoming deeper and coarser to the point of me losing my sleep.” She added, “We discussed it as a family and we thought that there is nothing we could do being a natural phenomenon in most families we talked to who also had a partner sleeping with a snorer. However my husband’s snoring was not like the rest of the other people or so I told myself.”

The anti-snoring solution

She retorted, “I had started thinking of sleeping in another bedroom because I could not stand sleeping with the snorer husband. However came as a blessing to me. I got the information about the anti-snoring pillow and on checking from the internet I was able to get the pillows. I asked my husband if we could change the pillow and he responded ‘why not!’

“We found several brands of the anti-snore pillows including neck pillows including Rakula anti snore neck pillow, Viscofresh Memory Foam Snoring Pillow, Brookstone anti snore pillow, but we settled for The Snore No More Pillow as recommended by this site. The results were drastic and we could sleep well once again. I recommend that no one should have to endure sleeping with a snorer.” reported Mrs Jones.

Availability of anti-snoring sleeping aid

The anti snore pillows are available in several stores including Amazon, e-bay and other online stores. The pillows help to adjust the sleeping position and this helps to ensure that the base of the tongue and the soft palate don’t close the breathing airways causing the vibrations. This being one of the major causes of snoring relieves the snoring in most of the clients. It should be noted also that snoring can be managed by changing pillows and cleaning them frequently. However, for some medical attention is required as described in Snoring management.

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