The Best Insomnia Music: The Sleeping Meditation Music that works

The best insomnia music to help you sleep well every dayHave you ever imagined that insomnia music is the solution for your tossing and turning in bed? Sleeping meditation music can be the solution for your insomnia. Sometimes I just ask myself “Where did music come from? How did the inventor know that it will be so captivating, relaxing or exciting? Where would our world be without music?” These are not the main questions for people who have insomnia mostly, their main challenge is where sleep will come from at night.

Music is thought to have first been composed over 55,000 years ago in Africa. It has grown to be a part of every culture and tradition both current or from the past. Music is known to now affect both social and economic aspects of human life.

Relaxing music is a good way to facilitate the required 8 hours of sleep per day. Music has the power to relax even a stressed or anxious mind. With such relaxation the sub-conscious mind informs the body that the environment is good for sleeping.

The best insomnia music include:

Jason Stephenson songs: Peaceful Sleep Music

To listen and watch to the music CLICK HERE

Jason Stephenson has a collection of relaxing sleep music. This collection enables stress relief and a deep sleep. The songs are soothing and relaxing for a good and long quality sleep. The videos for the songs also contain magnificent and relaxing nature videos that act as sleeping aids.

That combination is the best when it comes to sleeping and is available free for test and streaming at a small price for a long relaxing music.

This music has recommendations from all over the world. The music is also good for just relaxing, studying and meditation. Due to the other uses the music can also help relieve aches, tension and stress. The composer uses a combination of instruments to create music for most psychological problems. The above qualities make this the sleeping meditation music of choice.

Relaxing sleep music by Peder B. Helland


This relaxing sleep music collection is a favorite because it combines nature video which are relaxing and sweet smooth relaxing music. This way the insomnia music helps to help people with sleeping problems. The nature videos serve to relax the visual part of our brain while the audio serves to send messages of relaxation to the audio brain centre. The two combine to give a powerful sleep enhancement for 8 hours of sleep. The videos can be used also when one wants to relax, meditate or study.

The composer of the relaxing sleep music is Norwegian who concentrates in making music for sleep, calming, yoga, study, peaceful, beautiful and relaxing. It is the most listened to insomnia music and most of the people who have watched or listened to the videos show appreciation for soothing music and nature’s creations of beautiful places.

Happiness frequency by Greenred productions


The happiness music is a collection of sleep music that offers binaural beats to help the listener to sleep well. This collection combines the sounds of nature, nature’s beauty in the video and sweet soothing music for good sleep. The insomnia music also serves to help the user to relax while studying, meditating or sleeping. For those reasons it is a good music for use during spa and massage to help in the relaxation.

This collection of instrumental and electronic music gives the user maximum concentration and enhances the performance of the brain. Thus the music can be employed during meditation to form beautiful thoughts, during studying to facilitate concentration and during sleep for faster quality sleep without medication.

The insomnia music is recommended for people of all ages including babies. The music offers sleep hypnosis because the music is sweet to the ears, slow, soft and soothing. The music thus enables the insomniac to sleep swiftly and have deep sleep.

Other Insomnia management methods

Other than the music to help sleep, any individual with problems with sleeping can use the other methods below. These can be used in combination with the insomnia music or alone. The methods include:

  1. Use of supplements to cure chronic insomnia

These supplements mostly contain natural supplements including melatonin, hydroxytryptophan, L-ornithine, valerian root and magnesium. These supplements brands include:

  • Lunar sleep aid
  • Natural sleep aid
  • Dreamrite natural sleep aid
  • Luna natural sleep aid
  1. Use of essential oils for the cure of chronic insomnia

The use of essential oils including chamomile and lavender enables the user to sleep well. Chamomile manages insomnia while being taken in tea, tincture or inhaled. Lavender can be used in massages or used in bathing oils for help in relaxation. The brands of the essential oils which also contains Epsom salts commonly include:

  • Good night synergy essential oils
  • Sleep tight synergy essential oils
  • Aromatherapy good night sleep calming blend essential oils
  1. Change of diet

The diet change can help you to naturally manage insomnia. The diet change for insomnia include reducing the intake of carbohydrates, sugars and stimulants just before going to bed. However, taking carbohydrates 3 hours to bed ensures good sleep. Also taking milk products or foods rich in B vitamins, magnesium and potassium facilitate sleep. To know these foods click here.

  1. Stress reduction for insomnia cure

Stress reduction can be done using the music that we discussed above in addition, exercise during the day and reduction in the use of devices that emit blue light always just before bed go a long way in the reduction of insomnia. This is because blue light excite pineal gland thus altering the circadian rhythm. These blue light emitting devices which include television sets, phones, tablets, video gamed and computers should be used sparingly 30 minutes or more before sleep.

  1. Making lifestyle changes

Low bedroom temperature especially between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit are the most favorable for sleeping. This helps in regulating the body temperatures to the natural sleeping internal temperature fluctuations during the night. In addition to that having a favorable sleep routine also enhances sleeping. Finally having a good bed, beddings and environment also serves to help you sleep better.

To get great results, sleeping meditation music can be combined with the natural insomnia solutions described above.

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