8 Reasons why Insomnia is bad for you

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Insomnia is bad for you. Lack of sleep can cause physical, mental and even deathInsomnia is bad for you and your dependents. What is insomnia? Insomnia is a sleep disorder affecting all ages and sexes where one does not get enough sleep during bed time. It is quite common and a check every day on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites about #Insomnia yields very many mentions. America loses over $64 billion every year in job performance due to insomnia. In addition, insomnia costs the US over 15 billion dollars in treatment. In addition to the losses above your body also requires a good restful sleep for a good quality life. Beating insomnia should be every persons objective if they have it.

Reasons why Insomnia is bad for you

  1. Insomnia leads to poor performance at work

Insomnia reduces the length and quality of sleep. Each adult requires on average 8 hours of sleep per day for optimal performance. Reducing the length or quality of your sleep affects the quality of work the following day and leads to sleepiness, drowsiness and fatigue.

  1. Insomnia affects your Health

Insomnia if not managed commonly leads to stress, depression, chronic fatigue or other brain diseases. This is because insomnia affects the brain performance thus leading to those conditions. Halucinations can occur in severe cases of chronic insomnia. Sleep deprivation affects most of the body systems. Mostly insomnia affects the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, Immune system, endocrine system, digestive system and respiratory system. This causes the following diseases heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other conditions. Over 90 % of people suffering from insomnia have another disease and thus managing insomnia will go a long way in improving your health.

  1. Insomnia causes accidents

Lack of good sleep is a major cause of accidents both at work or while driving. Insomnia causes the body to be fatigued and affects your thinking. This reduces the brain reaction time when driving causing accidents.

  1. Insomnia leads to reduced sex drive

Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of reduction of sex drive because of lack of interest in sex and lower libido. Lack of good night sleep especially due to insomnia and sleep apnea is a major cause of reduced sexual drive in men. The reason for this is the reduced testosterone according to an article cited in The Telegraph.

  1. Insomnia ages your skin

The human skin is adversely affected by lack of sleep.In this day and age where everyone wants to look younger having a solution for ageing skin is a reason to smile.  If sleep deprivation just occurs for one or two nights the majority of individuals get sallow skin and periorbital puffiness. If lack of sleep extends for a longer time then the individual will experience high cortisol production leading commonly to collagen breakdown. Collagen is the body protein that maintains the skins radiance, smoothness and suppleness. In addition to that sleep deprivation leads to decreased production human growth hormone the hormone that promotes growth in young ones and skin thickening in old people.

  1. Insomnia leads to weight gain

Insomnia increases the chance of being obese. This is because sleep deprivation increases the urge to take food and appetite. Lack of enough sleep has effects on the appetite regulating peptides leptin and ghrelin. Insomnia causes their production to be decreased increasing hunger and yearn for bad fats and carbohydrates.

Therefore good sleep will help you lose weight if the current studies prove the applicability of the sleep model on weight management modules turns out to be a success.

  1. Insomnia hurts relationships

Insomnia is bad for you and your dependents too. It has been associated with partner sleep disorders too. The lack of sleep is one of the main reasons why partners can’t sleep well or have anxiety problems. The anxiety is because the partner is always worried that the individual with insomnia will get sick, will have an accident or will perform badly at work. The anxiety if prolonged can lead to stress or depression.

  1. Insomnia can kill you

Can you imagine dying from not sleeping? Yes, insomnia can kill you. Lack of sleep can kill you in one way or another. The cause of death can be from the diseases described above or from accidents associated with sleep deprivation. Therefore,knowing the causes of chronic insomnia which can lead to death is very important in management of insomnia.

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