10 Easy Ways To Keep Common Sleeping Disorders Away

Ever wondered whether you have a common sleeping disorder? Why after watching TV, playing video games or clubbing the sleep takes time to come? Or have you wondered why when we have an exam, special engagement at work or dental work we can’t sleep? Or have you slept with a friend or partner who snores loudly? Then these signs of sleeping disorders do not sound comfortable or appealing to you or your family. We will explore the 10 effective and easy ways to keep the common sleep disorders at bay:

  1. Exercise regularly

The common sleeping disorders can be treated by regular exercise enables your body to produce endorphins the brain neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) whose function is to transmit messages within the nervous system. These chemicals help relieve pain and also offer the comforting feeling in the body. This ensures quality sleep and prevents most of the common sleeping disorders.

  1. Minimize stimulants intake

Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine uptake especially just before sleeping is a major cause of the common sleeping disorders. The caffeine-induced sleep disorder is a major disorder occurring because of intake of high amounts of caffeine. Nicotine is related with the onset of sleep apnea and insomnia in addition to exacerbating the other conditions. Therefore, not taking the stimulants just before sleep works well in prevention of sleep disorders.

  1. Work on your weight

Being overweight has been associated with snoring, OSA, Insomnia, and other common sleeping disorders. The excess weight affects the breathing passages and cavities leading to most of the disorders. Thus, working on your weight will help at least help in managing the disorders.

  1. Minimize alcohol intake

Alcohol, even though a sedative, reduces the quality of sleep by ensuring you don’t get a deep sleep. Alcohol will help you to fall sleep faster and deep albeit for a while, however it decreases the rapid eye movement sleep. This is worsened by intake of higher amounts of alcohol before going to bed. Therefore reduction in alcohol intake will go a long way in increasing the quality of sleep.

  1. Change your sleeping patterns and minimize naps

Sleeping patterns are the main cause of the common sleeping disorders. Sleeping at varied times and having day time naps reduce the quality of sleep at the time scheduled to sleep. Training your body to sleep at the right time for the right amount of time will go a long way in improving the quality of sleep and keep the common sleeping disorders away.

   6. Regulating bedroom temperature

The internal body temperatures change during the course of the day. The peak internal temperatures occur in the afternoon and early morning for highest and lowest peaks respectively. This is because our internal temperatures normally dip a little. Therefore, to facilitate optimal sleep you need to ensure room temperatures of lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit with 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit being the best.

  1. Reduce/manage stress and anxiety

Stress is a major cause or facilitator of most of the common sleeping disorders. It is one the cause of stress-related insomnia and facilitates restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy and others. Stress makes falling and staying asleep harder and affects the quality of the sleep. Using breathing exercises, talking about it, staying positive and finding moments to relax daily will help reduce stress and manage the sleeping disorders.

  1. Reduce use of blue light emitting devices before sleeping

Devices like smart phones, TVs, computers, video games and tablets emit blue light which causes the nervous system to conclude that it is still day time at night. This has a major effect on the sleep increasing the chance of getting a sleep disorder. Therefore to facilitate faster and quality sleep these devices should be used minimally for 30 or more minutes before bedtime.

  1. Eat less carbohydrates and sugars just before sleep

Taking foods rich in carbohydrates makes the body to produce heat while metabolizing them. This works against lowering of body temperatures while sleeping as discussed above. However, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, taking starchy carbohydrates 4 hours before bedtime works well in facilitating sleep. In addition to that taking foods rich in healthy fats, potassium, magnesium and B vitamins also help in sleeping.

  1. Baths warm water and use of essential oils

Bath with hot water and essential oils like lavender and Epsom salts help the body to relax and have a deeper sleep. In addition to that chamomile, an edible oil can be used to facilitate sleep. These natural supplements and essential oils are the best way to treat the common sleeping disorders like insomnia.


The common sleeping disorders are a major hindrance to having a quality life. Managing them medically or through lifestyle changes can go a long way to improve quality of life. However in some instances one will need medical aids as a way of improving on the sleep quality.

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