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Why do I snore? Snoring and Insomnia remedies

Snoring solutions: How to sleep like a baby

I am a  snorer or I live the life of an insomniac? How do I get the best snoring aid or remedy for the insomnia? This is a question every person with a common sleeping disorder always has on his mind. This is because every person wants a deep and relaxing sleep. There are several other sleep disorders that affect either our sleeping or that of our loved ones and to get a way for either of you to sleep like a baby can be very comforting.

Sleeping disorders are conditions that minimize the quality of sleep of either ourselves or our partners. They limit the normal flow of the stages of sleep. The common sleep disorders that we will explore here include:

  • Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea(OSA)
  • Insomnia
  • Narcolepsy
  • Restless legs syndrome(RLS)
  • Circadian rhythm sleep disorders

To rule out any of these conditions polysomnography is done. This is a sleep study where several parameter are monitored during sleep.

Symptoms of sleeping disorders

  • Easily feel tired, easily annoyed or drowsy when not asleep.
  • Problems with staying awake while performing the daily chores or even resting.
  • Feeling drowsy or lethargic while driving mostly to having a feeling like you need to sleep.
  • Getting feedback occasionally that you need to sleep or look exhausted.
  • Often acting steadily as compared to your past or to your colleagues.
  • Having the need to doze off during the day regularly or at least have the feeling for a nap.
  • Having no emotional control.
  • Requiring a stimulant during the day to ensure you don’t sleep.

We will explore each of the sleep disorders in-depth including the causes, prevention and the best sleeping aid to buy for them as follows.


1.      The Best Sleeping Aids for Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Snoring aids reduce marital stress: Why do I snore?

Snoring definition

How does primary snoring differ from snoring that indicates obstructive sleep apnea? According to Snoring definition, causes and management, Snoring is the production of sound while sleeping from the vibration of the breathing passages. It occurs in over 90 million Americans and is a major cause of sleeping disorders especially for partners especially where one has excessive snoring. Snoring can be a symptom of Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). How do you stop someone from snoring? Or how do you manage sleeping with a snorer?  The best and safe sleeping aids will do. To help you buy a sleeping aid that will work will be explored below as follows:


Best snoring pillows: Anti-snoring pillows

Best snoring pillows

What is the best anti-snoring pillow in 2018 and how do they prevent snoring? The answer is very simple the pillows help to adjust the sleeping position and this helps to ensure that the base of the tongue and the soft palate don’t close the breathing airways causing the vibrations. This being one of the major causes of snoring relieves the snoring in most of the clients.

Most of these pillows are made from hypoallergenic memory foam recommended for people with allergic snoring. It should be noted also that snoring can also be managed by changing pillows and cleaning them frequently.

There are several recommended brands of the anti-snore pillows including neck pillows including:

Viscofresh memory foam snoring pillow
Viscofresh snoring pillow is one of the best sleeping aids. It guarantees a snore free night

Viscofresh snoring Pillow

Viscofresh memory foam snoring pillow is the most effective anti-snore pillow made from memory foam in addition to having a neck bolster side leading to more support for people who sleep on the back. I recommend that this is a must buy sleeping aid for all people who snore.

This sleeping aid contains natural green tea which eliminates bad smells emanating from foam and chemicals.

The pillow also has an outer cover with a zip to ensure it lasts longer than most pillows. For more information on Viscofresh click here.

Check the latest price of Viscofresh pillow from Amazon

LANGRIA High-Density Memory Foam Bed Pillow
Langria memory foam pillow

Langria Pillow

LANGRIA Memory Foam Pillow is one of the most advanced pillows containing Memory foam that in addition to its anti-allergenic properties it also helps to hold your body gently hence giving you a comfortable sleep.

It is also adaptive to neck position for smooth breathing thus preventing snoring in addition to promoting healthy spine position.

It is comfortable for people who prefer supine sleeping position because of the pillow shape.

The complains with the product is that it does not contain any ingredient to mask the foam odor.

Check Langria pillow on Amazon

The Snore No More Pillow
Snore no more Pillow: A basic and effective snore pillow.

Snore no More Pillow

The Snore No More Pillow is the most basic of the anti-snoring pillows is recommended by users and experts in that it comes in an affordable price and is made of memory foam.

The contours which separates the chin from the chest increase the comfort during sleep ensuring good quality no snoring sleep.

The affordable price makes it the best pillow to have a go at snoring with meaning it can help save your marriage.

Buy the snore no more pillow from Amazon

Litotree memory foam Neck Pillow

Litotree memory foam Pillow: one of the best snoring pillows. Buy the sleeping aid for a good sleep

Litotree Memory Foam Pillow

Litotree neck pillow is a quality memory foam pillow that reduces snoring.

The pillow has a soft bamboo cloth cover that makes it very comfortable to sleep in.

Due to its two levels of neck height it offers quality painless sleep for both side and back sleepers.

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The anti snore pillows are available in several stores including Amazone-bay and other online stores.


Snoring occurs when one is asleep and thus is hard to control. Some people think that snoring means you are having a deep sleep and they can’t be further from the truth. To cure snoring, opening of the breathing passages which are sometimes closed by inflamed nasal cavity is the main objective especially in allergen induced snoring. The sprays and tablets mostly contain flavored mucoadhesive foam called phosphatidylcholine which coats the throat tissues thus reducing vibration and also minimizing mucus production during inflammation. The sprays and drops are thus a good buy for sleeping aid for snoring.

The most effective anti-snoring sprays and tablets are:

Asonor Stop Snoring Antisnore Drop Spray

Asonor snoring drops: A must buy sleeping aid for your snoring

Asonor Antisnore Drop Spray is the best anti-snoring drop spray in that it cures snoring in more than 75 percent of the consumers.

The product does a good work in coating, lubricating and softening of the throat mucosa thus giving the consumer a comfortable sleep.

It can be used alternatively to the spray and tablets for better relief.

Asonor is also very easy to use.

ProfesSnore Snore Relief Anti Snore Oral Spray

ProfesSnore Oral spray: A must buy sleeping aid for a good sleep

ProfesSnore snore Spray is the best anti-snoring spray which works by coating and lubricating the throat tissues. It has been found to be very effective in ensuring the no noise is produced during snoring.

It can be used as a long-term sleep aid because it is based on natural oils without containing any drugs. These unique oils reduce the vibration of the tissues around the back of the tongue hence no snoring.

Also the taste of the liquid is great and thus when sprayed coats the tissues that vibrate during snoring.

To buy ProfesSnore spray from Amazon Click here.

SnoreStop Extinguisher Throat Spray
SnoreStop snoring solution. Buy the sleeping aid to stop snoring at night.

SnoreStop Snoring Solution

SnoreStop Extinguisher Spray comes in both tablets and spray which offer effective snoring relief.

Has been effective against snoring for over 20 years.

It is neither addictive nor does it have any side effects and hence providing real treatment.

Produced based on a comprehensive research by doctors for quality sleep

Other brands include Silence anti-snoring spray,  Rhynil stop snoring spray, Goodniter, Ysnore, Snoreeze and Nytol.


Sleeping with the mouth wide open is one of the major causes of snoring because the soft palate and tongue base close the breathing passage. Using the Chin straps as anti snore sleep aid improves the quality of sleep. The chin straps are made of soft material and are gentle on closing the mouth hence reducing snoring. The best Chin straps to stop snoring are:

Chin Strap by Brison
Brison Chin strap stop snoring aid. A must buy sleeping aid for a refreshing night

Brison Chin Strap

Chin strap by Brison is very easy to use and does not irritate or cause itching.

It also is adjustable to ensure comfort while sleeping by using the adjusting handy belt.

The material is soft and durable for long term use in snoring management.

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Genation Anti Snoring Chin Strap

Chin strap that works: a sleeping aid to stop snoring immediately

Genation chin straps are recommended for all people because of the adjustable soft and comfortable strap belt.

Has smooth edges to prevent straps and also to assist in adjustment.

It also increases the effectiveness of CPAP machine when used together.

Enables smooth nose breathing leading to sound sleep of you and your family.

NEW My Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Chin Strap
Anti Snoring Chin Strap

Anti Snoring Chin Strap

NEW My Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Chin Strap is the best chin strap in the market according to American medical Review and the author.

Creates the right jaw orientation to ensure no snoring.

Gives the consumer a comfortable sleep by having a velvety soft material which is gentle on the skin.


This is also another very effective way of combating snoring. Nasal dilators or nasal vents being one of the most solid and preferable anti snoring prevention method are small, elastic small tube pieces of non-toxic and non irritant materials that prevent nostrils collapse while sleeping thus stopping snoring. Nasal strips are wing shaped adhesive  bandage that has implants of plastic or other splints that is used to prevent snoring by opening the airwaves though application on the nose surface and the nostrils side. They ensure deep nasal breaths void of snoring.

The most effective, affordable and comfortable nasal strips include:

MQFORU 50-Count Better Breath

MQFORU Nasal Strips: Nasal strips for every snorer

MQFORU Nasal Strips

MQFORU 50-Count Better Breath has two thin bendable wire pieces that are spring-like to open nasal passages well for a snore free night

Works for nasal congestion and blockages even though temporarily to ensure smooth breathing

Simple, smooth, safe, affordable and effective to use with no side effects. They are smaller as compared to other but still maintain their effectiveness.

Theravent Snore Therapy Strips

Theravent anti snore strips: Amazon's best nasal strips

Theravent anti snore strips

Theravent Snore Therapy Strips come in a diverse portfolio to help all patients types.

Increases the nasal airways pressure to prevent snoring by applying the patented micro-valve technology.

Is effective with clinical proof of snoring treatment.

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Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Breathe Right nasal strips: Gsk nasal strips in Amazon

Breathe Right nasal strips

Breathe Right Nasal Strips is the nasal strips recommended by Amazon and is manufactured by gsk.

Effective in allergic or cold caused snoring. while also easing stuffiness.

More effective than decongestant sprays for prevention of nasal snoring

Also works on snoring induced by deviated septum

Nasal dilators for snoring

The nasal dilators mostly recommended include:

Anti-snoring by Brison

Brison nose vents: The best snoring vents in Amazon

Brison nose Vents

Anti-snoring has a unique design increases airflow through the nose to stop snoring.

Manufactured from medical grade silicon which is comfortable, long lasting and soft.

Odourless, not easily noticed and easy to use

Check the latest price of Brison Anti-snoring vent from Amazon

Snorecare nose vents

Snorecare nose Vents reviews: The snoring nose vents that make sleeping easy

Snorecare nose Vents

Can be used very simply and swiftly

Has different sizes to give the client choice

Very highly recommended on Amazon

To buy Snorecare nose vents click here.


The devices prevents the user from snoring by holding the lower jaw and tongue forward thus leading to easier breathing by increasing the breathing space in the mouth and nose. For people whose main cause of snoring is the resting of the base of the tongue on the breathing cavity this is the most effective sleeping aid. The devices come in several types and brands and therefore care selection of the appropriate device is really important. One disadvantage with MADs is that they lead to mouth dryness. I recommend Puresleep mouthpiece although mouthpieces effectiveness vary with the users. The best mouthpieces include:

Puresleep Mouthpiece reviews

Snorerx Snoring Mouthpiece

Snorerx Snoring Mouthpiece reviews: The mandibular advancement device that works for snoring

Snorerx Snoring Mouthpiece

It has a unique calibrator for adjusting SnoreRx to fit your jaw.

It is more comfortable because it does not have the painful flap like most MADs.

The product employs a perfected boil and bite technology to fit all people.

Check the latest price of Snorerx Snoring mouthpiece on Amazon

Eliminator Mouth Guard

Eliminator mandibular advancement device/ mouthguard reviews

Eliminator mouthguard

The product is very effective in preventing snoring.

Eliminator is very comfortable and it has smooth edges for quality sleep.

The device fits well in the mouth and works well compared to other anti snoring methods.

To buy Eliminator mouth guard on Amazon

Zquiet Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

Zquiet mandibular advancement device for snoring review

Zquiet Mouthpiece

Very highly commended mouth aid to prevent snoring

Comfortable design to prevent snoring

Is made from medical grade material that is soft and gentle on the mouth

Made using the Living Hinge Technology increasing the product flexibility for speaking while wearing it.

They always offer 2 mouthpieces for different jaw positioning.

Check out the latest price of Zquiet mouthpiece on Amazon

Other anti-snoring mouthpieces include

  • qSnoring Sleep Aid Custom Night Mouth Guard
  • SnoreMeds Snoring Aid


Tongue restraining devices (TRDs), or commonly known also as tongue stabilizing devices (TSDs) are devices that hold the tongue in position thus preventing its base from collapsing and the results are no snoring. The TRDs are a non painful tongue positioning device that reduces the clinging or even nearing of the tongue base tissues to the breathing cavity hence preventing snoring. They are thus external devices that limit the tongue movement. They are made from soft medical grade material and thus are very gentle on your lips, gum and mouth cavity.

The best TRDs include:

The Pacifier Tongue Retention sleep Aid
The Pacifier TRD for snoring

The Pacifier TRD

The product functions like a pacifier just like its name.

The pacifier tongue restraining device is soft and effective in tongue retention hence no snoring

The pacifier is also recommended for people with sleep apnea.

Feels like sweet soft cuddle on the tongue and lips.

Buy the Pacifier from Amazon

Stop Snoring Solution by Sleeprx

SleepRX stop snoring TRD for snoring


Stop snoring provides instant relief with the soft silicone TRD.

Cost effective as compared to most anti-snoring methods.

SleepRX stop snoring TRD design ensures that it fits all the consumers.

Uses the the boil then fit technology to custom fit for all clients

Check out the latest price of Sleeprx stop snoring on Amazon

Anti Snoring Watches: The technology for snoring that works

Anti Snoring Watches

Since no anti snoring device or method can guarantee 100 percent cure, many people are now using the anti-snoring watches. The Infrared anti-snoring watch like Snore Stopper utilize patented biosensor which has a logic-control integrated circuit (IC) which after detecting snoring sends a gentle electrical pulse for 4 seconds on the skin. This stimulates the nervous system on the skin of the snoring individual which sends the signal to the brain to remind the individual to adjust the sleeping posture thus controlling the snoring.

The technology is very advanced and works in an acupuncture researched method. This however works with time where exercise on the sleep posture adjustment is facilitated by the watch. The watch thus helps you to stop snoring without making any lifestyle adjustments and helps the individual to get some good quality sleep. It also helps to nurture broken relationships occasioned by snoring.

Advantages of Snore Stop

·         Snore stopper is not a drug so does not have any side effects and causes no pain.

·         It is simple to use and is not invasive

·         It is very durable and comfortable on the wrist.

·         Detects and reduces snoring every time

·         The intensity of the pulse that is emitted to the skin is controlled.

·         It has a 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied

2. The Best Sleeping Aids for Insomnia?

Do you occasionally find it hard to fall asleep, stay asleep at night or wake up too early? Then from doctors definition you should be asking yourself, do I have insomnia? Insomnia is a common sleep disorder defined as the state where one has a difficulty in getting to sleep or remaining asleep when the opportunity to sleep arises. The disorder may be chronic or acute. The sleep disorders symptoms above mostly apply in this condition but more specifically lethargy, tiredness, being moody, lack of concentration and poor output in school or work. A normal adult requires seven to eight hours of sleep per day but it varies among individuals. With age the episodes of insomnia increase but it might also be a problem in children and teenagers. Women due to hormonal changes are more susceptible to insomnia.

Insomnia is caused by the following:

  • Stress
  • Bad sleeping habits that interfere with the circadian rhythm.
  • Work or travel schedules that disrupt sleeping patterns
  • Taking too much food especially just before sleeping.
  • Taking stimulants or alcohol just before sleeping
  • Diseases that cause chronic pain including cancer, diabetes, asthma, heart conditions, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and hyperthyroidism.
  • Mental health disorders like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.
  • Other sleeping disorders like restless legs syndrome, snoring partners, obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Medications including antidepressants, hypertension medication, asthma drugs and stimulants.


People always buy prescription sleep aids otc but we recommend the following few methods to help cure insomnia:

  1. Making lifestyle changes
  2. Change of diet
  3. Taking supplements
  4. Use of essential oils
  5. Stress reduction
1.      Making lifestyle changes

High bedroom temperatures affect sleep thus having room temperature of less than 70 °F is more suitable for sleeping. Also ensuring that your bed is comfortable will greatly facilitate your sleep in addition to keeping your sleeping routine, minimizing naps and staying active during the day.

2. Change of diet

What are the best foods to eat before bed? Too much stimulants, carbohydrates and sugars before sleeping makes sleep hard to come by. Reduction of the the foods described above just before going to bed will give you a better rest. This is because your body while digesting the two produces heat which makes it hard to sleep.

We need to take some snacks before bed. The best snacks before bed always should include an increase in milk products and foods containing healthy fats, B vitamins, magnesium and potassium in the meals before sleeping will also facilitate sleeping. These foods include avocados, bananas, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, Asparagus, sweet potatoes, citrus, squash, kiwi fruits, tomatoes, pawpaw and cantaloupe. These fruits and vegetables form part of the best thing to eat before bed.

3. Taking supplements

There are several quality supplements that can be taken to cure Insomnia. Taking 400 to 500mg of magnesium supplements daily before bed will help in stress reduction hence naturally increasing sleep. In addition other supplements especially the ones containing L-ornithine, melatonin, hydroxytryptopan, or valerian root will do much good but are not recommended for long-term use.

Some of the best sleeping aids supplements for snoring include:

  • Legion lunar natural sleep aid supplement
  • Research verified Insomnia relief
  • Natural sleep aid for adults by nature’s wellness
  • Natrogix 5-HTP
  • Luna natural sleep aid
  • Driftoff natural sleep aid
  • Dreamrite natural sleep aid

4. Use of essential oils

Taking essential oils like chamomile and lavender can improve the quality of sleep one experiences. Chamomile is an edible oil that can be taken with tea, tincture, inhaled as vapor and it helps in relaxation in addition to fighting stress. The herb is also used in aromatherapy to help fight depression and anxiety which are also some of the causes of insomnia. Lavender oil can be rubbed off on the body muscles including the neck or used in bath water or poured on sleeping materials to help you to relax. For better results while used to bath, epsom salts can be added. Epsom salts contain magnesium which is a natural cure for insomnia. Some of the best sleeping aid brands available in the market include:

  • Good Night Synergy Essential oils by Edens Gardens
  • Davina Yawn Insomnia sleep Essential oil Blend
  • Woolzies good night blend of pure essential oils
  • Naturenics Lavender Essential oil
  • Aromatherapy Insomnia Relief
5. Stress reduction

Anxiety insomnia or stress insomnia can naturally be managed. The two types in addition to the diet insomnia are the major insomnia cases. Use of devices that emit blue light like smart phones, computers, TVs or video games up to bedtime may cause sleeplessness. The blue light excites the pineal gland hence altering the circadian rhythm. To remedy this one should stop using these devices 30 or more minutes before going to bed and try a more soothing routine.

Also to increase the chances of good sleep one should endeavor to produce hormones called endorphins during the cause of the day. This can be easily done by exercises and ensuring that you are happy during the day. Another way of reducing stress is insomnia music. This music helps the user to sleep well.

3. The Best Sleeping Aids for Narcolepsy

A cataplexy attack, not being able to suddenly control your motor system, while also falling asleep uncontrollably is not the stuff to be happy about. This is what happens when one has the chronic neurological disorder that affects the ability to regulate sleep in the brain’s ventrolateral preoptic nucleus (VLPO or VLPN) of the hypothalamus. The condition affects approximately 1 in 2000 people and the quality of sleep is not good because the condition is associated with hallucinations during sleep.

Cataplexy and narcolepsy in general have no known exact cause but are thought to be hereditary in 10 percent of the cases. However, potential causes may include autoimmine-conditions associated low levels of the neuropeptide orexin in addition to distress, stress or shock, infections and toxic substances.

Cure for Narcolepsy

There exists no known cure for the disease but management of symptoms through a combination of methods gives the individual a good quality life. The management can be through:

  • Counselling and support groups to ensure the patient does not get depressed.
  • Change of lifestyles by ensuring one does exercise, manages stress and takes the right healthy foods while avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol manages the symptoms.
  • Taking medication including central nervous system stimulants, antidepressants, and sodium oxybate as prescribed by the physicians.

4. The Best Sleeping aids for Restless legs syndrome(RLS)

This is a condition associated with an irresistible urge to move the legs especially in the evenings because of a disorder in the nervous system. The condition can have mild sensation or severe sensation on the legs or hands or both. It affects up to 30 million Americans of both sexes but is more prevalent in women.

Like in Narcolepsy above the condition has no known cause and hereditary factors are associated with nearly half of the known cases. Some chronic diseases, medication and pregnancy may increase the chances of acquiring or worsening the disease.

Cure for Restless legs syndrome

The condition has no known cure but management of symptoms can go a long way in improving the quality of life. The management methods that can help in RLS include:

  • Scheduled regular exercise.
  • Reduction of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine intake.
  • Having a regular sleeping pattern and good sleeping habits.
  • Taking a hot bath and massage before sleeping.

5. The best sleeping aids for Circadian rhythm sleep disorder (CRSD)

These are a group of sleeping disorders that affect the sleeping cycles. They can broadly be grouped into extrinsic disorders where the cause if from the environment, schedules or behavior like work shift changes and jet lag or intrinsic where the cause is within the body including delayed sleep phase disorder where one gets sleep early in the evening but can not get sleep in the morning, delayed sleep phase disorder where one sleeps late into the night and is very alert at the middle of the night, Irregular sleep-wake rhythm where sleep time is normal but occurs at irregular moments of the day like sleeping during day time and staying awake frequently during night-time and non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder where with time the person affected sleeps later and later on each subsequent day.

There is no known cause of circadian rhythm sleep disorder although genetic disorders are an apparent cause.

Cure for circadian rhythm sleep disorder

There is no known cure for the disorders especially the intrinsic disorders but management of the disorder is the ultimate goal of the treatment. The treatment options below are majorly used in combination to increase the effectiveness. The treatment options include:

    • Counselling and behavior change therapy about sleep etiquette like stimulant intake reduction and avoiding naps. Any other activities other than sleeping and sex should be avoided.
    • Elimination of blue light in the evening by dark therapy. Dark therapy involves the use of goggles to eliminate the blue light in the evening in order to prevent or limit melatonin production.
    • Use of prescribed medication like modafinil and melatonin.
    • Sleep phase chronotherapy. This involves gradual movement of sleep time according to the condition to ensure better sleeping patterns.


All the above sleeping disorders are easily manageable. It should be noted that you need to buy sleeping aids that will suit you. To do that the above guide will give you the best sleeping aid for your common sleeping disorder which include snoring, insomnia, OSA, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome and circadian rhythm disorder.